Somebody Pinch Me, My Life Is Not Real


Today was our last day on the island. I mean seriously, had you told me a year ago that I would be sitting at a bar on an island with barefoot locals while I sipped Aussie beer and thoroughly enjoyed watching my boss in her uniform stumbling on the dance floor to Stairway to Heaven, well, I would never have believed you. I have had a love hate relationship with the island, because at times it sheltered me from everything I knew – no car or way of getting around, no bars or nightlife and generally nothing to do. It also taught me vital lessons, which I have to document so I will never forget:

1. It is okay to be bored sometimes, it prompts reflection and relaxes you

2. Anything can be done alone – going for a hike, to the beach, to a bar or restaurant (funny lesson but it sometimes I have been self-conscious to do things on my own)

3. TV is something I could live without completely

4. Showing a genuine interest in every person opens doors you never knew existed

5. Living without a proper stove AND oven in the kitchen is completely impractical

Anyhow those are just a few. Back to my informal farewell party, which could be more accurately pegged as a normal night at the local pub where absolutely everybody within a five mile radius goes to have a drink or ten. I looked around, and though I have at times felt a bit out of place because of the drastic cultural differences, I realized that I had become a part of the crowd. The island is one big family, disfunctional as any, and I will miss them very much!

As we boarded the ferry about 30 minutes ago, I felt a lump in my throat as I goofily waved goodbye in an effort to make Max laugh and lighten my mood. Another chapter closes, and my portable life is packed once again in these worn-out suitcases. We are currently waiting for our Greyhound to Cairns, where we will go diving in The Great Barrier Reef and then fly to Singapore to begin our Asian invasion for the holidays…stay tuned!


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