Boats Aren’t Built to Stay Docked in the Harbor…..


“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”– Mark Twain

Speaking of sailing, a good friend of mine took me out for an amateur lesson not too far back off of the picturesque bay in Coconut Grove in Miami.  In the dead heat of the morning, we sluggishly made our way around the boats, hoping to take advantage of a gust and make it out of the harbor.  Several paddles and shed articles of clothing later, a modest breeze caught our sails as we all squealed with delight at the first significant movement of the day.

With the mundane nature of everyday life in America, we often adopt a lackadaisical outlook on change.  Far too many times I’ve allowed myself to have a cookie-cutter week, taking myself through five straight days of virtually the same actions – home, work, home, sleep.  Human nature pressures us to live within the comforts of our “safe harbor.”  Well – it’s 2012 and what better way to start your year than to venture away from that narrow-mindedness?  Catch the wind in your sails, grab the reigns on your sailboat and get ready for a great ride, regardless of any choppy waters along the way?

It’s Sunday technically, and my plane leaves in approximately 11 hours – holy geez.  At 2:20 p.m. I will be embarking on the most significant soul-searching journey of my lifetime.  I’ve crossed my t’s and dotted the i’s – after spending the day with my mom and my sisters, shopping, laughing, making as many memories as time will allow, I am finally prepared for this amazing pilgrimage.

I feel blessed and privileged to be chosen for such a mind-expanding expedition.  My goal is not to have two days of the same kind over the next several months – and I hope you will follow my adventures and share the laughs and surprises (and I’m sure tears since I’m a big crybaby). Stay tuned for my blog post in Hong Kong on January 16 – I know many are intrigued at the length of the 30 hour flight and to hear my progress.  A special narrative is in the works detailing a very significant happening in my recent past, and should be done after the voyage to the Land Down Under as well….

A big thank you to all of my friends and family who have been the best moral support team I could ask for in preparing for this, you have been here for me since day one when Australia was a distant dream – thank you for listening to me vent in the midst of my four jobs to save up for this; for picking me up when I had low moments and never thought I could make it.  What an accomplishment – I owe much of my success to all of the beautiful hearts who stand behind me with confidence.   Bring on the breeze I’m ready to see where my dreams will lead me!


About girlindownunder

A young person in search of an identity - in 2011 I will launch a personal journey and this blog will serve as a platform for my family and friends - a unique documentation of life lessons, epic fails and unforgettable moments.

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  1. Kel, I’ll be with you throughout your whole journey. Laughing with you (and I’m sure at times at you–lol). Sharing the tears of happiness as well as sadness (pray that there are not many of the last ones though). And we’ll be ok as long as I can figure out this skype thing–otherwise–fb will just have to do. 🙂 Have a safe and wonderful journey! Remember Kel, keep your eyes on Jesus, He will never leave your side either, He is your ‘abba-father’ who loves you unconditionally and is waiting with His arms open wide for your return–He loves you very much. I am so proud of you, and love you very much. xoxoxo mom

  2. I love it…you’re amazing! You inspire me so much. Like you said “get ready for a great ride, regardless of any choppy waters along the way” . I’m telling you now I’m going to live by those words. Thank you.

    Much love

    Luis E.

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