2012: Change bears many gifts


As the new year approaches, we all contemplate the oh-so-cliche yet never outlived tradition of a New Year’s Resolution.  Lose 10 pounds, work out three times a week, crackdown on extra spending, get to work on time.  For me, this New Year is bringing an endless amount of change – this is a fresh start for me in more ways than one.

The better parts of my last three weeks has been consumed with painting and cleaning my mom’s house, which has slowly been on a downhill trend for the past six years.  Mom and I have made quite a team together, showing this old house some much-needed TLC! We’ve made about five trips to Salvation Army and about twenty to the back alley trash cans.  As I walked bag after bag of trash to the alley yesterday, I suddenly realized a strange parallel in the midst of my task; these black bags are symbolic of the baggage that accumulates in our everyday lives.  Stress over work or finances, broken friendships or family bonds, that unhealthy relationship you can’t seem to shake.  There is a fantastic release that comes with letting go of the trash bags in your life – leaving them in the dark alley – standing up to regain your composure, and walking confidently forward toward brighter days ahead.

Of course, your revamping process need not involve a move as dramatic as a prolonged trip to Melbourne, Australia, but your renovations can begin right here at home.

So this year my resolution is to rid my life of negative energy and focus on the good – positive vibes attract positive people and I am living proof.  Take a risk! Mend an old friendship, spend quality time with your parents and siblings, laugh at menial mistakes since there’s nothing you can do to take them back, take a road trip on a whim, LET GO OF THE PAST.  Let 2012 be the year that you embrace change in every aspect of your life, not just the superficial.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the doors that open for you as a result of a free mind.  Now there’s a toast for midnight!

It’s like Momma V always says, “There are better times ahead, Kel.”

You never know where an open mind might take you...Nashville, TN?

"Toast to the possibilities ahead"


About girlindownunder

A young person in search of an identity - in 2011 I will launch a personal journey and this blog will serve as a platform for my family and friends - a unique documentation of life lessons, epic fails and unforgettable moments.

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