Two Weeks and Counting….


So I know most of you thought I was never going to post on this again, but on the contrary – I have been busy preparing myself for my next big step!

And so the inspiration to write another blog post comes tonight from my very first Skype date with Hayley, a bubbly Aussie with an enviable accent who spent the last hour and a half debriefing me on what to expect during 2012 – aka the best year of my life.  From taxes to toiletries, Hayley prepped me for a true local experience and ensured that she will be my guiding light as often as I need.

How crazy to think that it is now 11:00 p.m. in The Magic City, yet Hayley was just getting in to the office to go to work!  She is quite literally on the other side of the world, and that gets my adrenaline going like none other!  Some of the most interesting facts I learned about Australia tonight:

– MAC makeup is a novelty

– It’s a mere $50 to go from Melbourne to Sydney (and only about $300 to get to and from New Zealand!)

– I will need to fit my life into one 50-pound bag (it has been done before folks, not to worry)

– The projected path of my career at the moment is working as a bartender (yippeee)

– I will only be able to work for any employer for no longer than six months (so as Aunt Lynn suggested, I may move to Brisbane for the second half of my year-long stay)

– Rent will be about $600 a month (including utilities, this is in Australian dollars, which is about $700 US)

– Minimum wage is about $20/hour

– Melbourne has better food than Chicago (blaspheme!)

– Australia has 20 national holidays

– Moreover if I work on any national holiday, I will make DOUBLE TIME AND A HALF!!!

– I can rent a scooter for a reasonable weekly rate

– Health insurance is only a few hundred dollars for a six-month plan

– The Land of Oz ROCKS

Moral of this story is that I am absolutely stoked to begin my journey, and will keep everyone posted on my job and living sitch – I just have one more question – who’s coming to visit!!???


About girlindownunder

A young person in search of an identity - in 2011 I will launch a personal journey and this blog will serve as a platform for my family and friends - a unique documentation of life lessons, epic fails and unforgettable moments.

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  1. Kelly, I am so excited for you! You are going to have a great journey, and will probably have many great stories to tell us. There is one journey you will make that I am really excited about! Your journey home–before going ‘down under’. This will be a great time, even if it is only for a couple of short months! Love you Kel–talk to you later. Love, mom

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